"To understand the surrealist artists one must be aware that they all believed that art was not and end in itself, but a method of creating an awareness of all that is most precious, most secret and most surprising in life. They wanted to be neither craftsmen nor aesthetics: they waned only to be inspired"

"An exhibition was an opportunity to invite the public to a festival of the imagination. It was a matter of creating a stimulating environment, an atmosphere which would enhance the spectator's receptivness and arouse in him at the same time laughter, revulsion and desire, so that he was bound to approach the painting and sculpture in a state of emotional disturbance. 



"The surrealist wanted to give them a thorough shaking-up, to sweep away hallowed glories, and to bring unappreciated genius into the full light. Surrealism is based on the belief that there are treasures hidden in the human mind."